April Favourites

Just like last month, here is the anticipated segment “Paula’s Favourites”, this time for the month of April. I am truly sorry of the wait, but as the saying goes “all good things come to those who wait!” So here is the so awaited blog post! Make sure to click on anything you’d like to know more about.


Bible Verse of the Month

Zachariah 4: 6,7 – Then he said to me, “This is the word of the Lord to Zerubbabel: Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, says the Lord of hosts. Who are you, O great mountain? Before Zerubbabel you shall become a plain.”

Song of the Month

We Will not be Shaken by Bethel Music

I have chosen this song because we live in a constant terrorising instability, however in Christ our rock, we will not be shaken! Even if everything around us crumbles and falls, with Jesus we never shake.

Message of the Month

Joseph Prince – Win Over Discouragement, Depression And Burnout

Every human being is conditioned by what they see. Most of the time, our expectations are set on what we see when they don’t correspond to the reality. We are like Thomas, who needs to see in order to believe. God wants to takes into another level so that we believe in the invisible in such way that it becomes visible. That requires from us a high price of intimacy with God. How many among us has the courage to pay that price or be bold enough?

Bible Chapter/ Book of the month

Jeremiah and Psalms

While reading the book of Jeremiah, I understood how hard, persecuted and unrecognised the prophetic ministry is, especially when the prophetic words do not match our own expectations. It becomes undermined when people of authority refuse to acknowledge it and recognise God’s word and ministry in His prophets.

I believe every day is a good day to read a Psalm. Besides comforting our spirits and heart, it also encourages our spiritual journey and teaches us how to worship and praise our God!

2017-03-04 14.58.33-1

Book of the Month

Joel Osteen – I Declare

Broken into thirty-one parts, this book will help readers reach the truth of God’s word, and how speaking God’s promises can bring about His blessings.
Each part will open with a faith-building declaration, followed by a story to demonstrate the power of God, and Scripture references to give testimony to His ability.
May the Lord bless you and protect you. May the Lord smile on you and be gracious to you. May the Lord show you His favour and give you His peace. (Numbers 6:24-26)

2017-05-09 19.35.05

Women’s Universe

Adventure of the month

Man Sands

My husband loves driving and introducing us to new places and cities he discovers. This month he took us to an enchanting place with a paradisiac beauty: Man Sands. While we walked arduously through the rocky path that would take us there, we faced many challenges both emotionally and spiritually. Make sure to check out the blog post and you’ll definitely agree with me.

2017-04-19 12.55.26

Film of the month

Guess Who

This film is timeless! The brilliant actors Zoe Saldana and Ashton Kutcher take part in this romantic comedy about an unusual couple that faces many challenges, however the power of their love conquers and defeats any obstacles! This movies takes a really intelligent approach on some polemic situations and aspects of the American society in a funny and comedic way. I highly suggest this film, as it is perfect to watch with the family.

2017-05-09 19.34.55

TV Series of the month

Nashville and Scandal

Here at home we love music, therefore we continuously watch Nashville, a series that describes the tortuous scandals and hardships that happen in the music industry, the world of fame and drama. We also enjoy immensely the TV show Scandal! Scandal has the perfect amount of mystery, thriller and drama which made it the perfect choice for this rainy month of April. This series talks about the scandals tangled with the world of politics, always mixed in with romance.

Book of the month

A Poem for Every Night of the Year

This book is extremely inspiring and lyric and explores to the max our feelings. It suggests a poem for every night of the year, always taking in consideration special holidays as well as the seasons of the year. It’s always good to relax with your warm cup of tea (or coffee if you must), and read a poem that illustrates your state of mind and spirit, as well as the weather outside.

2017-05-09 19.35.48

Honourable mention of the month

Maya Angelou – Phenomenal Woman

2017-05-09 19.36.25

Gastronomic suggestion of the month

Persian Rice

This dish is part of the Christmas tradition of the Matoso and Durose family. Now you ask, what is the connection between Christmas and April? Well, my family always eats this rice on Christmas, but it is a dish that you can do all year long. As they were missing a little taste of Portugal (we always eat it with the whole family in Portugal), I decided to treat them to this delicious gastronomic wonder.

2017-04-16 00.34.47


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