Hope: A Flare of Light

Deciding to live a life with meaning requires a great deal of courage! It seems like a cliché, however, if we analyse certain hard and torturous situations that condition the act of living, we clearly understand that it is the simplest trut. We only truly exist when we make choices, because our choices reveal our true identity. The act of deciding demands from each one of us an exhausting deliberation that often involves a rollercoaster of emotions that can drown us in a melancholic state.


Our lives confront us daily with numerous unjust, tragic, challenging, inhumane and arduous situations… so it’s only natural that our emotional resistance starts to wear off. We feel that our needs, our desires, our dreams and projects are constantly ignored! We feel violated and harassed, verbally as well as physically, anytime we have the audacity of sailing against the tide, contradicting the mentality of most, or making our opinions, our identities, heard and acknowledged. We are constantly run over by the selfishness, the indifference, the apathy and the cruelty of the “other”! The loss of a beloved often makes us enclose ourselves in a cave of pain and suffering. Irreparably, the abrupt winds of fear, of anguish and revolt oppress the relief we find in the imprisoning dependency of alcohol, drugs and anxiolytics. They disrupt the cloud of depression that plagues our soul.  Feeling incredibly lonely all the while being crushed by a terrorizing crowd of strangers.


No human being is an island! We need to build bridges of meaningful relationships, create bonds of affection and develop projects that reflect what we are. When all of this is withheld by an automatized society, where the citizens resemble robots, wrapped by hear pollution as well as a degraded environment. A place where these “robots” go to their works, schools, universities and partake in insignificant and meaningless conversations, superficial and empty of any emotion. We can see why it becomes so easy to give into the marasmus of doubt and pessimism. If we don’t dare to fight arduously against the stigmas, created by the prejudice of incontrollable circumstances of life, we will never be able to set free from the despair and torture that any difficult situation brings, be it a lifelong disease that agonizes our body as well as our soul, or a soul crushing anxiety that never seems to part from you.

The world, the society and mankind are thirsty, famished and desperate for rays of the Light that is Hope! That Hopeful Light that opens doors to freedom, it gives you the keys to that prison cell called arrogance and discrimination, it cuts the ropes of racism and superiority of a culture defragmented and prejudiced against another culture. Hope is the fuel that feeds the faith that sprouts miracles and the remedy to all agony.


This week, we once again watch as our screens fill with constant advertisement of succulent ad delicious banquets, of velvety chocolate eggs, the Easter bunny and the sweet and colourful almonds. The supermarkets seduce the costumers with enticing discounts and the cities centres dress themselves with the superficiality of the exuberant decorations. It is important that the powerful Light of Hope that is the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ remains first in our lives and in our Easters! This is the true meaning of Easter: the victory over the power of death and the triumph of miracles, because Jesus is the Hope and Glory Himself, has resurrected, is alive and reigns! Inspired by the power of the Light of Hope that we have won through The King of kings, let’s worship and celebrate the victory and the miracle of the cross!!!

I’ll leave you a musical suggestion for you to celebrate and adore Jesus, Our Resurrected Lamb!! CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO IT!


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