A Conversation Over Brunch

The word brunch it’s the combination of the words breakfast and lunch, which means, the combination of the sweet and typical breakfast foods with the savoury light lunch foods! Many bloggers argue that brunch is the best meal of the day, because besides having a flexible time (It doesn’t matter when or at what time you brunch!), it includes many of our favourite foods. As the popular proverb says: it is around a full table that we develop the most profound, sincere and intimate conversations that build affection and communion.

In this post, I would like to give you a couple of suggestions on how to create your own brunch table inspired on how I set up mine! Feel free to substitute any food mentioned in this post for something of your choice. I guarantee you, this will be a delicious meal filled with great conversation, surrounded by your friends, family and brothers and sisters in Christ.

Do you accept the challenge?

2017-03-22 16.26.41-2

  • Start off by setting your table with your favourite table and silver ware. Be creative, be aware of aesthetics and try to match the colours well to give it a cleaner and more attractive look.

2017-03-22 16.28.55

  • Now select your sweets! As you can see I opted for butter and chocolate chip cookies and brownies, but you could always go for a cake, pancakes or crêpes.

2017-03-22 16.29.452017-03-22 16.33.27

  • It’s always good to include something savoury and hot to your brunch, to give it that lunch feelings. Here I went for some Egg Rolls (recipe to coming soon) with bacon, smoked sausage and cheese filling. I highly suggest trying omelettes, crispy bacon strips or savoury pastries.

2017-03-22 15.36.29

  • It’s always important to add fresh fruit and salads to give your table some colour, and for the healthy factor of course!

2017-03-22 16.29.522017-03-22 16.33.35

  • As you know, bread is indispensable in this meal! Try to include different types of bread (white, wholemeal, rye) and some bagels (I chose raisin bagels; the perfect combination of sweet and savoury). I also included some hot cross buns (very common here in England during this Easter season!). Always pair it with cheeses and ham. I recommend adding a cheese board if you are looking for that sophistication factor. You could also add a cold meats board with some salami, parma ham, antipasto and even some pâté.

2017-03-22 16.30.062017-03-22 16.30.492017-03-22 16.34.08

  • I added some tortillas as an optional savoury snack because it so happens to be my children’s favourite. Make sure to personalise your table with whatever your family favours and whatever is in season wherever you live.

2017-03-22 16.34.45

  • We cannot forget about the drinks! As winter has barely left, nice warm drinks are perfect to accompany this brunch. As you can see I selected some cinnamon and pear tea (sweet and spicy, perfect with the raisin bagels!) and some coffee for the caffeine addicts here at home. If it’s hotter where you live, please do substitute them with cooling drinks such as sodas and fruit juices.

2017-03-22 16.29.40

And here it is!!!! The perfect brunch atmosphere is created! Invite your friends and/or family to catch up on some conversation, and at the end of the meal have some devotional time. Reflect on the beginning of the year and give thanks for your blessings. As important as it is to fill your physical hunger, it is more important to fill your spiritual self, because that is where the communion with your brothers and sisters in Christ starts!

Make sure to access the Photo Gallery to check out more photos of this deliciousness and more!!!! CLICK HERE

Bon Appétit and Happy Brunching!!!

2017-03-22 16.38.05


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